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Alumni Spotlight: Josh Altman

Josh Altman is one of the most successful real estate agents in the Beverly Hills and Hollywood Hills luxury housing market. Josh's Clientele consists mostly of entertainers, athletes and high net worth individuals from around the world. Josh is known for offering his clients exclusive, white glove, VIP treatment. Josh and his brother Matt have been involved in over $100,000,000 in real estate transactions and currently have over $150,000,000 in listings. One of their most recent sales in Beverly Park that sold for $16,500,000 was the sixth largest sale in LA County in 2010.

Josh has always been heavily involved in all aspects of real estate. Altman has flipped over eight homes with a perfect record of success and also ran his own real estate finance company for two years before taking the next step in joining the Hilton and Hyland team ( and quickly becoming one of the top agents in the business. With his well-rounded experience in all areas of the industry, Josh prides himself on being a one-stop-shop for buyers and sellers. Altman has combined his dedication and experience to making a giant footprint in the high-end luxury market. Josh's ability to listen and understand his client's needs has allowed him to continuously achieve his client's goals and expectations.

His personable and professional character allows Josh to build and maintain solid relationships, which explains why his business has grown mostly from referrals and repeat clients.

Despite Josh's busy schedule, he still finds time to give back to his community. Altman is very passionate about volunteering his time and money to support numerous charities and causes. Josh grew up in Newton, Massachusetts and attended Syracuse University. He was one of the kickers on the Syracuse University football team that won Big East Championship two years in a row, playing in both the Orange Bowl and the Fiesta Bowl. After a short stint in NYC, he moved to Los Angeles to pursue his dream of real estate. Josh has lived in Los Angeles for the past ten years and currently resides in Beverly Hills.

Due to his continuous success, Josh was offered a staring role on BRAVO TV's hit show, Million Dollar Listing.

Watch him again all season long, starting late 2011.

Alumni in the Spotlight Q & A

What years did you attend SU?


What was your major or area of study?

Speech Communications

What degree did you receive from the University?


Were/are you a member of any SU affiliations?

A fraternity that I am not sure exists anymore called DU.

Name a couple of career highlights.

Graduating on time. :)

What do you remember most about SU?

Marshall Street, the campus in the snow, The Mount, and of course the football games at the Carrier Dome.

Who was your favorite professor while at SU?

Honestly, I can't remember their names but as a whole, Syracuse has made a huge impact on my life so a big thanks to all of my professors.

Why did you move to LA?

To pursue my real estate career.

When was the last time you visited the campus?

What I graduated 10 years ago!


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